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High quality and aesthetics, the universality of use. Due to their durability, concrete windowsills
are used in an increasing number of interiors, not only residential but also commercial premises for instance: restaurants, hotels, or offices. Concrete shelves and concrete windowsills from which they are made are excellent alternatives to the classic conglomerate, plastics, and even natural stone.Windows finished with concrete windowsills look phenomenal, stylish, and effective. They provide additional space for any arrangement with decorations. Various items such as photo frames, potted flowers or vases look perfect on them. That is why we offer a wide selection of concrete windowsills and concrete shelves. They will allow you to finish the window joinery quickly, concrete shelves will add character to any interior and provide an aesthetic, and most importantly, a durable way for many years. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer or contact ConcreteCrafts experts. We assure you that our offer will certainly meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

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Available in standard and custom sizes.
We offer 3 lines of concrete finishes – Classic,Stained and Rustic.
– Classic and elegant high-quality polished concrete comes in a full range of colours and polishing.

– Stained concrete is a modern combination of two concrete colours to create unique patterns
on the surface. We are unable to control the mixing process. It is a natural process that gives concrete a unique pattern, and the stained concrete product becomes the only one with such a pattern in the world.
-Rustic concrete, with a stylish and industrial look is one of the most desired finishes on the market.

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