Portable fireplace

Concrete Portable Fireplace

Bio ethanol burner can be used indoor and outdoor
Available in standard sizes as well as custom.
Bio ethanol portable concrete fireplace is perfect as a gift for friends, wedding, birthday, anniversary, Christmas.
Bio ethanol concrete fireplace is perfect for spending the evening with a glass of wine. The sight of the fire and the feeling of warmth give you a sense of security and complete relaxation.

Bio Ethanol Burner 

Bio-ethanol burners are perfect to use inside your home since the CO2 emission of a bio-ethanol burner is comparable to a candle. The bioethanol burners are made of stainless steel and fitted with a flame shutter. This way you can safely extinguish the fire when you no longer want to use it.

The attraction of fire to humans is enormous, this goes back to the prehistoric times when the burning of fire was still necessary to deter wild beasts. Nowadays we find it especially fun and comfortable to gather around the fire. This is where the best conversations and the most beautiful memories often arise. However, burning a wood stove is not very good for the environment and that is why a bio ethanol fireplace is a sustainable solution to still experience the feeling of real fire.

Bio ethanol is a clean and inexpensive fuel. Almost no odour or smoke is released during combustion. A bio ethanol built-in burner is suitable for indoor use but it is still important that there is always sufficient ventilation in the room where the fireplace is located…

Enjoy a beautiful flame show
No odours, soot and harmful gases
Bio ethanol is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option
This built-in burner can be used indoors

Comes with: a burner and flame shutter
Only use Bio-Ethanol to fill the burner 

You do not need electricity for the burner


Usage of a Bio Ethanol Fireplace  

You simply pour the bioethanol into the burner and light it with a long lighter. The flames need some time to become visible, after 10-15 minutes the fire starts to become more beautiful and visible. It is best to burn the entire fuel that is inside the built-in burner. If you want to extinguish the fire earlier, you can do this by closing the slide with the supplied hook.
We offer 3 lines of concrete – classic, stained and rustic
– Classic and elegant high-quality polished concrete, comes in a full range of colours and polishing.
– Stained concrete is a modern combination of two concrete colours to create unique patterns on the surface. We are unable to control the mixing process. It is a natural process that gives concrete a unique pattern, and the stained concrete product becomes the only one with such a pattern in the world.
– Rustic concrete, stylish and industrial look is one of the most desired finishes on the market.

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