Concrete Hearths

Concrete Hearths and Fireplaces

A concrete hearths and fireplaces give you unlimited personalization options. And it’s all thanks to prefabricated concrete, which is an ideal
material for creating unique structures. A concrete fireplace helps to create a unique
atmosphere at home. The soothing warmth that invites you to sit in the living room contributes to
building a good family atmosphere. Your guests will also appreciate your salon and its atmosphere. Concrete structures can be easily
positioned, which can contribute to the construction of an original, unique fireplace.
Matching the shape and dimensions in the case of concrete is not a problem. A concrete fireplace is not only an idea for a living room but also a bedroom.

Concrete, like stone, perfectly retains heat. Its fire resistance is also an asset.A concrete fireplace can bring an amazing
atmosphere to any room in which it is placed.


Fireplace perfect interior design

Match the fireplace to your interior. ConcreteCrafts is open to your non-standard
project proposals. Present your vision to us and we will implement your unique idea.

Fireplace Where to install

You can install the fireplace anywhere in your home or garden. It can be a bedroom, a room or a bathroom.

The fireplace and its function

What function does it have? Do you want to sit by the hearth from time to time, or can you heat the whole house with a fireplace?

Concrete fireplace - Style and colours

Fire resistance, plasticity, and heat retention are ideal features of concrete that popularize the construction of concrete fireplaces. Fireplaces, cornices, hearths, and concrete craftsmen can create very interesting constructions for you. Contemporary or rustic look? Stained concrete or classic? Matching shades and shapes are no problem for concrete craftsmen skilled in the construction of concrete fireplaces.

The highest quality Concrete Hearths / Fireplaces / Slabs from ConcreteCrafts

Available in standard sizes as well as custom ones We can make any size and shape. Send us the dimensions or the sketch for a quotation.

We offer 3 lines of concrete: Classic, Stained and Rustic Classic and elegant high-quality polished concrete come in a full range of colours. Stained concrete is a modern combination of two concrete colours to create unique patterns on the surface. We are unable to control the mixing process. It
is a natural process that gives concrete a unique pattern and the stained concrete product
becomes the only one with such a pattern in the world. The rustic concrete, stylish and industrial
look is one of the most desired finishes on the market.