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Concrete Garden & Kitchen worktops

Kitchen and garden worktops .Stylish, and modern, they are not so many
functional elements as creating the atmosphere of the kitchen or garden. Depending on the destination. The design of countertops is designed according to the customer’s
expectations. So, everyone can choose accessories that match the overall design
concept. A concrete countertop is also a decent, good-looking, and durable kitchen countertop.

concrete garden and kitchen worktops

Concrete kitchen worktop

A good choice for modern and traditional kitchen spaces, the perfect choice for everyone.

Architectural concrete. It is a mixture of sand, cement, and water with admixtures of preparations increasing the plasticity and resistance of the board. In addition, additives of dyes are used to produce tabletops, giving different colour effects, and the possibility of combining them or using additional decorations makes it a unique tabletop design.

Why a concrete countertop?

Concrete is a durable and versatile material that can be used to create many interior design elements, including kitchen islands, sinks, washbasins, shower trays, decorative elements, and concrete countertops Concrete worktops will prove themselves not only in the kitchen but also in bathrooms and gardens where, due to high humidity, the use of specially impregnated materials is required. Provided that proper hygienic conditions are maintained, a concrete kitchen worktop is aseptic, which means that bacteria and fungi that attack wood do not accumulate on its surface.

The great advantage of the concrete worktop is also the price, which is extremely attractive, juxtaposing it with the quality and durability of such equipment.
ConcreteCraft concrete worktops can be part of the equipment of a minimalist kitchen in an industrial style, a stylish modern kitchen, a classic kitchen and even a retro style kitchen.

A concrete worktop can be easily integrated into any style of interior design, especially since it can be modified in terms of colour. We are proud to present our offer for concrete kitchen countertops and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our possibilities. We present here some examples of projects and inspirations to be used in your own home, apartment, or garden. Discover with us more advantages of a concrete kitchen countertop.

ConcreteCrafts kitchen and garden worktops

We offer 2 lines of concrete – classic, and stained.
– Classic and elegant high-quality polished
concrete comes in a full range of colours and
– Stained concrete is a modern combination of
two concrete colours to create unique patterns
on the surface. We are unable to control the
mixing process. It is a natural process that
gives concrete a unique pattern, and the
stained concrete product becomes the only one
with such a pattern in the world.

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