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Concrete kitchen & bathroom sink

Concrete bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink, although naturally associated with
the industrial style perfectly fits into the features of minimalism in bathroom furnishing trends.
They perfectly match the arrangement of modern, glamorous, and even retro-type bathrooms.

Why is it worth choosing sinks for kitchens and bathrooms made of concrete

Because they create unique, modern, and brilliant bathrooms with character.Moreover, light, durable, pleasant to the touch, warm and original in every respect. Lightweight concrete washbasins are the quintessence of innovative solutions in the field of modern bathroom arrangements and equipment.

Bathroom and kitchen concrete sink custom size

Concrete sinks for bathrooms and kitchens can be ordered to size, however in any form and shape
of the bowl and countertop.Moreover, various colours of concrete and surface structure are available, smooth, and industrial. Smooth concrete sinks are the most popular. There are also industrial structures with shallow, and easy-to-clean, but clearly visible caverns (pores and holes characteristic of concrete). ConcreteCrafts concrete washbasins are characterized by a unique, natural, and exclusive look.

Modern concrete washbasins

Modern washbasins for kitchens and bathrooms give an addition minimalist and luxurious character to elegant bathrooms. In addition, ConcreteCrafts concrete washbasins are particularly appreciated by users, architects, and administrators in bathrooms of public buildings, where it is important to emphasize the prestige of the premises and the usable qualities of the surface.Moreover, Concrete Crafts sinks and countertops are a very good and safe choice. Modern ConcreteCrafts concrete sinks do not need a substructure, they are self-supporting, and thanks to their exceptional lightness. However, they can be directly mounted on the wall or other target place.

Kitchen & Bathroom concrete sink

ConcreteCrafts kitchen & bathroom sinks 100% Real Concrete.If you value excellent finish quality and a modern look in rooms such as a bathroom or toilet, this concrete product is for you. Moreover, durable, hand-made concrete worktops/countertops, sinks and washbasins will be perfect for your interior, also in terms of easy maintenance, hygiene, and ease to clean.

A Unique Concrete Sink Concrete to Your Bathroom

The technological possibilities of concrete allow us to manufacture a wide range of concrete sinks, basins, as well as combined washbasins with a concrete countertop, to order. Additionally ,The concrete in the the bathrooms look great. The concrete sink is an excellent alternative to popular, classic products in shades of white. At ConcreteCrafts, we will prepare concrete sinks and washbasins, especially for you. Made to order, according to your project and expectations.We offer a wide range of sinks that coordinate perfectly with our other products, as well as look elegant on their own.Moreover, available in many shapes and sizes. Sinks are made based on a design provided by the customer. If you need help with the design, we can help. We offer two types of sinks: bathroom and kitchen “Belfast sink”. Our sinks are available in concrete finish “classic” and “stained”.However, If you have questions or would like a quote, please contact us.

Basket Strainer Waste
  • Option A – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Chrome
    Option B – Basket Strainer waste – Colour: Matt Black
    Option C – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Matt White
    Option D – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Gun Metal
    Option E – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Brushed Brass
    Option F – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Gold 
    Option G – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Copper 

Basket Strainer Waste With Overflow

Option Z – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Chrome
Option Y – Basket Strainer waste – Colour: Matt Black
Option X – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Matt White
Option W – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Gun Metal
Option – V – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Gold
Option – U – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Copper
Option T – Basket Strainer Waste – Colour: Brushed Brass

Bathroom Sink/Basin Waste

Option A – Chrome unslotted Click Clack
Option A1 – Chrome unslotted Click Clack(Recommended for small sinks)
Option B – Matt Black unslotted Click Clack
Option C – Matt White unslotted Click Clack
Option D – Grey unslotted Click Clack
Option E – Brushed Brass unslotted Click Clack

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